Choose this surcharge and we will tailor your selected corset as a made-to-measure garment

  • Choose this surcharge and we will tailor your selected corset as a made-to-measure garment
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    - Corset Maker Quality!
    - True Corset fully steel boned
    - Help the wearer achieve the hourglass feminine figure
    - Skin-friendly lining made of 100% cotton
    - Perfect to reduce the waist
    - Modesty panel and lace up back with strong laces

Choose this surcharge and we will tailor your selected corset to your own measurements as a made-to-measure garment

For cup sizes D and above, we tailor the overbust corsets with our specially developed sweetheart neckline.
This shows off the large chest perfectly!


For the made-to-measure garments, we require the following measurements:

Chest (with bra measured at the widest point)
Waist (at the narrowest point, in most cases under the ribs)
Hips (at the level of the hip bone)
Length: (measured at the front on the closing)

- Overbust corset
  (place the tape between the breasts at the level of the imaginary line between the shoulders and pull it down to below the stomach,
  as long as the corset needs to be)
- Half bust corset
  (Measure in the same way as for the overbust corset, except place the tape a little further down. A half bust corset is usually around 2 – 4cm shorter than
  the overbust and has a straight upper edge, which ensures that the chest is pushed up a little)
- Underbust corset
  (Underbust corsets have a different edge under the chest – please refer to the image of the selected corset and place the
  tape measure where the closing begins and pull it down to below the stomach)
- Waist Cincher
   (Waist corsets are the shortest and do not go under the chest or over the hips – the standard length is 26cm,
   depending on the upper body length. When choosing the length, use the image of your selected corset as a guide)

Please tighten the tape measure slightly when measuring and do not deduct a waist reduction – we need your natural measurements.
We have been tailoring made-to-measure garments for years now and we have developed our own formula for waist reduction.
Don’t worry – you won’t make any errors when measuring, and any small measurement errors that you do make can be compensated for in the lacing.

For the overbust corsets, we also require your cup size

Please leave all measurements (chest, cup, underbust, waist, hip, length) and information as comments or send them to us by email.

We will be happy to assist you via email or by phone – please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please note!
This is an upgrade and not a separate corset! It is therefore only available as an addition to a corset – if you require several made-to-measure corsets, you will also need several of these upgrades!